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  • 1524

    Potuguese missionaries establish a church at Vallarpadam dedicated to the Holy Spirit and installs an image of the blessed Virigin Mary for veneration. This is the first church in Asia dedicated to the Holy Spirit.

  • 1676

    Heavy floods destroy the church. Paliath Raman Valiachan the Divan of the Maharaja of Cochin, retrieves the Holy images of the Virigin that was washed away by the floods. He provides a piece of land to build that church and donates the Sanctuary lamp (Kedavilakku) A flag post is also erected to mark the spot where the Holy images was handed over to that congregation of the faithful.

  • 1752

    Palliveettil Meenakshiamma and her child are miraculously rescued after 3 days through the intercession of Vallarpadathamma. She promises to be the 'Adima' of our Lady, for life. The spiritual practice of submitting oneself to the maternal protection of Vallarpadathamma (being the Adima) originates and becomes a popular devotion.

  • 1888

    Inspired and prompted by these Divine interventions so tangible. Pope Leo XIII elevates the main altar of Vallarpadam church to the status of Altare Previlegitum in Perpetuum.

  • 1951

    The Government of India declares Vallarpadam church to be a 'MAJOR PILGRIM CENTER' of the country

  • 2002

    The Government of Kerala declares the church as a Tourist Center.

  • 2004

    On September 12th in the year of the centenary of the shifting of the seat of the Archdiocese of Verapoly from th Island of verapoly to Ernakulam town, the shrine of Vallarpadathamma is elevated to the status of a National Shrine.

  • 2004

    1st December St.Pope John Paul II Elevated this National Shrine to the status of a Basilica

Vallarpadam Feast

The Feast of Our Lady of Ransom celebrated on 24th September proceeds by 9 days Celebration on 16th Sep. is the Flag hoisting. For the preparation of feast there is five days Bible convention conducted by well known retreat preachers for the people of Vallarpadam end of the month of August to the beginning of the month of October is a very graceful days. Every year on the Sunday after the feast of the birth of our lady, the whole Archdiocese as a family makes the walking pilgrimage. The Arch Bishop Bishops, Priests, Religious and all the laity the one God’s people makes this pilgrimage. It is a wonderful experience. Walking from the heart of the city and from Vypin they reach this solace of Vallarpadathamma praying Rosary and singing hymns. During the Solemn Pontifical concelebrated Holy Eucharist the Arch Bishop dedicates the whole Archdiocese as Adima to Vallarpadathamma. People young and old take part in this yearly celebration with much jubilation and deep faith.

The Feast day on 24 th September the generations of lineage Meenakshiamma offer butter milk for the devotees. The Eucharistic Celebration begins with the pouring of the oil in the sanctuary lamp by the Royal family member of Paliath Valiyachan and lighting it.

Other Celebrations

Every Saturday the Novena prayers to Our Lady of Vallarpadam are conducted and on the second Saturday of every month special healing services are also conducted. Again it is here in the rosary park of Our Lady of Vallarpadam that the beautiful and enlivening candle procession is conducted after the evening Mass and Rosary on the first Sunday of every month. The Innumerable pilgrims who throng into the National Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Vallarpadam, convinces all that it is not only the mantle of Divine protection but also a real “Power House” from where springs forth the Grace and the Glory of God. On Palm Sunday, the procession singing Hosanna, holding palm leaves, starts Palliyil house, the family house of Meenakshi-Amma, thousands of people participate in this procession.

October 2nd 13 hours Adoration

Solemnity of the Holy Spirit Tuesday to Pentecost Sunday